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Worship Experience

Rhema Chapel Int'l Churches Ikorodu., 7 George Adegboye Road, Along Ikorodu - Epe Rd, Akasoleri, Ikorodu., Lagos, Nigeria 104101, Lagos, Nigeria
Start Date:
September 16, 2018
End Date:
September 16, 2018


orship Experience


A lot of us have forgotten the place of worship. The cares of the world has eaten our mind so deep that we have forgotten the place where we can forget our pains and worries and just enjoy our Heavenly Father. 

Come and experience that moment where you just take out time to just LOVE UP on GOD, nothing but I LOVE YOU LORD because YOU FIRST LOVE ME. 

Worship experience a medicine for your worries and pain.


Rhema Chapel Int'l Churches Ikorodu.