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Workshop on Management Reporting and Decision Making

HCA Learning Centre. Acme House 2nd Floor, 23, Acme Road, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos
Start Date:
August 6, 2018
End Date:
August 10, 2018



Program Overview:
Management reporting and decision making are core skills for all managers and professionals. Effective decision making depends upon having both well presented information (be that in the form of a written report or an oral presentation) and the ability to analyze and assess that information and test the quality of the conclusions drawn. By the same token, effective management reporting requires an understanding of the decision making process so that decision makers' needs can be properly met with all relevant information provided in a clear, concise and objective way.

This program is designed for all Managers who writes reports for management decisions

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:·
§develop their management reporting writing skills so as to enhance the quality of decision making in their organizations.
§develop their decision making skills and take both a structured and creative approach to decision making.
§develop the ability to identify information needs and assess and interrogate the validity of the information and proposals presented to them.


Day One: The Decision Making Process and Skills
§The management decision process, §Creative thinking and problem solving
§Forms and forums for decision making, §Synergy and group think in decision making
§Edward de Bono 'Thinking Hats' and the decision making process
Day Two: Managing Information/ Writing Reports and Proposals
§Information management – what decision makers need
§Principles of information management – filtering, scheduling and condensing
§Sources and types of information – quantitative and qualitative
§Features of effective reports and proposals
§The writing process , §Clarifying objectives and decision makers needs
§Determining relevance – what to put in and what to leave out
§Structuring a report, §Developing logical sequencing
§Use of appendices, tables, diagrams and figures
Day Three: Writing Reports and Proposals / Making Presentations for Decision Making
§Improving readability and fog factor analysis
§Sentence and paragraph structure
§Grammar and punctuation, §Getting the best from spell and grammar checks
§Proofreading, §Principles of effective presentations
§Handling nerves and using notes, §Content and structure
Day Four: Making Presentation for Decision Making 
§Body language and voice, , §Using visual aids and stage management
§Designing effective and impactful slides with PowerPoint
§Choosing words with impact – using rhetorical devices
§Making team presentations, 
§Participants' presentations and feedback session (1)


Austine Anazia - B.Sc., Mass Comm. M.Sc (HRM), Mr. Anazia is an experienced facilitator in business communication who has worked with various publication outfits before venturing into his own publication business . He is the Publisher, simple Care Magazine. Mr. Anazia will lead others to share their experiences on this program.

EYO S. Essien – CIM, London, FNIMN (Fellow in Marketing) C.E.O., Sylmaa Consulting. Mr. Eyo is an accomplished sales and marketing executive with over 20 years work experience, overseeing marketing and sales in Commercial Airlines Service Operations. He is an expert in Marketing analysis, Planning, strategic planning and management, Personal selling, emotional intelligence and social competencies. He will join others to bring their experiences to bear on this program.

N150,000 per participant, VAT - N7,500.
Note: this covers Workshop Fee, Full Break fast, Lunch, course materials and certificate of attendance. 
Payment should be made in favour of Human Capital Associates.
Payment can equally be made into our Accounts:
Account Name : Human Capital Associates
Keystone Bank Ltd. Account No:1005378262
Union Bank Of Nig. Plc Account No: 0006208533

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