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Working for God in the Market Place

The Education Hub, First Floor East Wing City Hall, Catholic Mission Street, Onikan, Lagos
Start Date:
September 1, 2018
End Date:
November 10, 2018
8:00am to 3:00pm


About WFGiMP

The Working For God in the MarketPlace (WFGiMP) Programme is a training and mentorship Programme for young people who want to succeed in Nigerian workforce, using the right set of values and principles. Given the immense pressure to succeed at all costs, the Nigerian marketplace is a challenging environment for those who want to live right and succeed without compromising their reputation or values.
This will teach these young entrants how to plan their lives such that they are able to identify and maximise their gifts and opportunities. The goal of this Programme is to prepare the Participants for a successful career in the Nigerian marketplace by helping them discover and apply the laws of uprightness that govern every area of human endeavor.
This Programme is part of the Participant's life journey, and its aim is to contribute to building their personal moral compass based on the right values. It aims to equip the Participants to choose the following as their principles and commit practicing them in the market place come what may:- Integrity, Honesty, Moral Courage and Excellence amongst others.
Facilitation and the training at the Programme is provided by seasoned business professionals with a track record of personal accomplishment and integrity and usually takes place over 6 Saturdays. It is seminar-based, and the modules are designed to cover various topics including: -Leadership, Life Planning, Values & Integrity, Crafting Mission Statements, Personal Effectiveness, Budgeting and Financial Management, Entrepreneurship, Thriving in Difficult Work Environments, Time Management and Communication Skills etc.

Objectives of the Programme
This Programme aims to -
• Provide young entrants in the work force with an understanding of the purpose of life on earth and how to make the most of their careers.
• Help them discover and apply the right principles at work and to make a lifelong commitment to personal integrity.
• Create a community of people who will encourage and support each other as their career progress.
• Attract, engage and activate potential change agents who can accept the responsibility of building a New Nigeria and having a lasting impact.

Target Participants
This programme targets young Professionals between the ages of 18-35 years about to enter the marketplace and young entrants in the workforce in various sectors of society including but not limited to - financial services, telecoms, consulting, oil and gas, law and civil society organisations etc. They must be committed to succeeding in life based on the right values and principles and must fully commit to attending workshops sessions and participating in all the classes and activities to ensure eligibility for graduation.

How To Apply
1. Download the Registration form through the official programme link:
2. Fill the form with accurate details
3. Submit the form to [email protected]
Note: All applications will only received by email.
There are limited full and partial scholarships available.


AiMP Network
The Apostles in the Market Place (AiMP) Network was established in 2003 and received full registration as a company limited by guarantee in 2008. AiMP is a Network of Christian professionals and leaders in the market place who are committed to making a lasting impact on society. AiMPs founding objective is to develop individuals (change agents) who are committed to personal transformation and will facilitate societal transformation at all levels of society.
Organizer's Address: 
Plot 14, Chris Maduike Street, Lekki 1, Lagos
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