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StartX - Give wings to your ideas

44/46 Comercial avenue Sabo, Yaba, Lagos
Start Date:
January 21, 2017
End Date:
January 21, 2017
10:00am to 3:00pm


Do you have a technology or business idea and need an ear? Are you looking for a technical co-founder? Product strategist? How about a whole team of highly experienced designers, engineers and business experts who can jump in and help you quickly test your business model, then scale and grow a sustainable company? This one day free business consultation is for you.

At Codulab, we invest our time and talent in interesting, sustainable business ideas. We fortify startups, giving them the tech support they need to leap, learn, and adapt. We make our team yours, and your business, ours. We engage with people over progressive ideas and opportunities, helping them build those dots into something more meaningful.

Let’s discuss, fine-tune, build and partner with you to build your great business idea. We are not an incubator - we are an accelerator for startups lacking technical support in their teams.


If you're interested in the lving heart of what you do, focus on bulding things rather that talking about them" - Ryan Freitas, Cofunder, We are a community of digital thinkers and builders. We provide startups, smes and bigger companies alike with the technical support they need to adapt. We support individuals with interesting, scalable business ideas, giving them support needed to learn, leap, and grow. Have great big idea or ambitious plan to solve a technology problem? We’ll be your plan-design-build team.
Organizer's Address: 
44/46, Commercial Avenue Road, Sabo, Yaba Lagos, Nigeria
Organizer's Phone Number: 
+234 01 290 9476
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