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Jaseynet Hotel Hall, 48 Akeju Street, Off Shipeolu Street, Shomolu, Palmgroove/Onipan, Lagos.
Start Date:
July 29, 2017
End Date:
July 29, 2017
8:30am to 6:00pm


RLC 2017 tends to offer therapy for singles, never married, divorced, separated, single parents, widower, widows who are looking to improve their relationship. It also offer divorce therapy, singles who are navigating the dating world and/or looking to find that special someone and pre-marital counseling. RLC practice is all about relationships. If you have been struggling in this area, please do not leave it up to chance and hope for the best. Studies have shown that individuals tend to wait a good 6 years before finally contacting a professional! When you place a call or visit our clinic, you will get a free consultation over the phone. We will spend about 30 min. talking about the nature of your problem so that we can have an understanding of your particular situation. We are direct.

Our goals are two folded:

1) To understand your specific situation,

2) To find a resolution. I have had extensive training; I am an experienced, seasoned clinician.

You will find yourself in a comfortable, confidential, professional clinic dedicated to relationships. I offer high quality, high value therap