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Odun Ijesu (New Yam Festival)

Start Date:
August 25, 2018
End Date:
August 25, 2018


The Udiroko festival is celebrated in Ado-Ekiti. It is the only festival apart from Ogun or Oitado according to Ado-Ekiti tradition that brings all Ado-Ekiti citizens both at home and in the diaspora together. It was established around 1310 AD during the reign of Oba Awamaro, the first Ewi (king) of present day Ado-Ekiti and marks the first day of the year for the town’s inhabitants.

It is a day people set aside to give thanks for their creator Olorun (hence its nickname, the Olorunborun festival). The name udiroko is derived from the venue of the festival, which is beneath the big Uroko (Iroko) tree at the Ewi’s palace.

Other festivals include;
- Okorobo festival (held in Ifaki-Ekiti),
- Ajagbo Dance (Isinbode-Ekiti), 
- Ladunwo Masquerade (Oke-Imesi),
- Iromo Igede festival (Igede-Ekiti) Annually
- Odun Ifa.
- Aeregbe Afao, Igbara-Odo, Emure August, Annually
- Epa (Masquerade) Isan May, Annually
- Ikereje, Ilawe December, Annually
- Alayere, Igbara-Odo December, Annually
- Ayan, OmuoAdo Annually
- Oro Ibeji Igara-Odo August ,Annually
- Obanifon Ogotun, Are, Esure December/June/February, Annually
- Elefon Ikoro February, Annually
- Olua Epa, Eyio, Ilu-Omoba June/August, Annually
- Okudi Iyin July, August, Annually
- Eegun Ijan July, August, Annually
- Olosunta Ikere Annually
- Egungun/ImaleIdiroko All parts of the state Annually
- Oodun Iyin June, July, Annually
- Odun Opa Iyin Annually
- Amomo Ise Annually is owned by Galleria Media Limited