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Miss funfair nigeria

Kach Kleo Event Center Plot C81, road 521 Lucy Ogbadu street, 2nd left turn after FCMB, First Avenue Gwarimpa estate Abuja, Nigeria , Abuja
Start Date:
June 7, 2019
End Date:
June 7, 2019


Miss Funfair Nigeria Pageant Advocates for access to quality Education, clean water, good health, and zero tolerance to child abuse and hunger. It's brand that was launched since 2016 and have produced Queens that have effectively impacted on the society and the community. 

Miss Funfair Nigeria 2019 /Abuja fashion Expo and Awards is the fourth edition of a Beauty pageant and fashion exhibitions show that will take place in Abuja by the month of July 2019. 

Our Team for this year's edition is #Empower Girls #secure their future , having conducted series of research we came to understand that it's very important to educate girls this is the only way to empower them. 

We also identified factors fighting this great change to be woman health and hygiene

Women’s health and hygiene has been one of the key concerns over the years across the world. The awareness on menstrual hygiene and usage of sanitary pads is virtually absent in rural areas such as in Nigeria . Poor menstrual hygiene can cause fungal infections, repeated infections to RTI, cervical cancer and vulnerable to infertility. Reproductive hygiene education and sexual education is not part of any education system in Nigeria .

Millions of girls in Nigeria are disempowered by the simple biological process of menstruation. Affordable and hygienic sanitary protection is not available to girls in many areas. They resort to the use of unhygienic rags and cloths which puts them at the risk of infections

Statistics indicate that 1 in 10 menstruating African girls skip school four to five days per month or drop out completely. A girl absent from school due to menstruation for four days of every 28 day cycle loses 13 learning days, the equivalent to two weeks of learning, every school term.

Studies show that every year of schooling increasing a girl’s future earning power by 10 to 20 percent. In addition, each additional year a girl is in school can reduce the risk of HIV infection and delay a girl’s first pregnancy.

Educated girls are more likely to become empowered women; they are more likely to take control of their lives, have economic security, and raise fewer and healthier children who will in turn be more likely to be educated themselves.

The adolescent girls in Nigeria get information and education on menstruation from her mother and grandmother, who themselves had practiced the unhygienic behaviors for years and thus do not see any harm in the practices of using old cloths during menstruation. By creating enough awareness regarding menstrual hygiene’s importance and use of sanitary pads, we try to prevent such chronic diseases from happening in the rural areas of Nigeria .

Our aim is to crown great ambassador who will drive this message to the targeted audience and effect change through this platform , helping us to achieve the sustainable development goals and the mission of our organization. 

The pageant is open to every Nigerian Girls, aspiring models and volunteers to compete for the crown. 

The event is open to everyone.


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