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Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting

agos and Abuja 1 Adegbeyemi Street Ikeja, Lagos 23401
Start Date:
June 30, 2018
End Date:
June 30, 2018



Lagos : June 30, July 1,7,8 | Abuja : July 14,15,21,22

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful and popular data analysis desktop application in the market today. By participating in this Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting course you'll gain the widely sought after skills necessary to effectively analyze large sets of data. Once the data has been analyzed, clean and prepared for presentation, you will learn how to present the data in an interactive dashboard report.

It's intended for Accountants, Sales and Reporting Staff, Financial Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Audit and Control Personel,HR Executives and Power Excel users

Available Date

Lagos : June 30, July 1,7,8 (two weekends consecutively)

Abuja: July 14,15,21,22 (two weekends consecutively)

Training Course Duration: 9:00 am – 4 : 30 pm (Saturdays)

12.00 pm- 4.30 pm (Sundays)


Lagos :Phiret Training Hall, No 1 Adegeyeni Street off Allen Avenue Ikeja. Lagos

Abuja : Bratim Hall, National Library Abuja

Fess: 40,000

Early bird Registration:

Lagos: 30,000 for payment made on or before 25th of June

Abuja: 30,000 for payment made on or before 9th of July


  • Understand and Identify the principles of data analysis

  • Effectively summarize and present data clearly

  • Use effective design principles when creating and presenting data

  • Take full advantage of the built in tools Microsoft Excel offers in order to analyze and build dashboard reports

  • Build interactive dashboard reports

  • Data Mine using Excels Functions

  • uild Interactive Dashboard Reports with Buttons and Drop Down Menus

  • Streamline and Analyze Data with Excel PivotTables and Pivot Charts

Training Outline

Data List Management

  • Create an Excel data list

  • Use the Excel List Tools

  • Use Auto filter

  • Sort the Data

  • Use the Advanced Filter

  • Add Subtotals to a list

  • Group and Outline your data

  • Inport and Export

  • Name range

  • Linking and Manipulating multiple sheet

    Key Functions, Operators and Logic Used in Excel Dashboards (Discussed here and throughout Workshop)

  • How to build logic decisions using the relational operators: <, >, <=, >=, < >, =

  • How to build logic decisions using the IF, AND, OR logical functions

  • How to use logic in general, figure out the strategies, build multiple decisions, figure out logical triggers and use them in your dashboards

  • How to summarize your data using the MAX, MIN, SUM, RANK, SMALL, LARGE, AVERAGE, SUMIF, SUMIFS, COUNTIF and COUNTIFS functions

  • How to find and integrate your data using the INDEX, , MATCH, COUNTA, ,VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, ROW and COLUMN functions

    How to Design Pivot Charts for Your Excel Dashboards

  • How to layout and organize the raw data that your pivot table and pivot chart will use

  • How to construct a pivot table for your pivot chart

  • How to create and build a pivot chart for your pivot table

  • How to create slicers that will filter your pivot tables and charts

    What If Analysis

  • Create and manipulate Scenarios

  • Create and change Custom Views

  • Build scenario Reports

  • Use the Goal Seek tool

  • Use Solver & Advanced Solver Features

  • Build Data Tables

    How to Create and Tie in Active Controls Into Your Excel Dashboards

  • The difference between ActiveX controls and Form controls

  • How to create and use combo boxes, spinners, scroll bars, option buttons, check boxes and toggle buttons

  • How to integrate these controls with your Excel dashboards using logic and worksheet functions

    How to Use Data Validation to Control Your Excel Dashboard Entries /Conditional Formatting

  • Why use data validation?

  • How to use data validation to control what number, text or date is typed your dashboard

  • How to create a list in a worksheet cell using data validation and use this feature as a selector for your Excel dashboard views

  • How to create formulas in your data validation that allows it to adjust to changing dashboard conditions

  • Conditional Formatting using data icon

  • Changing conditional formatting rules

    Payment Details:

    Account Name : Jplus System Solutions

    Bank: StanbicIbtc

    Account Number: 0013842678

    Payment details sent to [email protected]

    Invitation Letter: Available on Demand

    Participants are to come with their laptop

    In-House Training: for in-house Training call 08141575331

    For registration and enquiry call Jide on 08141575331 or Tope -08060875359

    Deliverables: Certificate on completion, Training Manual, Cds (Data/video)

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