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LEAP Africa's Social Innovators Programme & Awards 2018

Glitz Event Center, 2 Bluewater Zone, , Lagos, Nigeria
Start Date:
October 18, 2018
End Date:
October 18, 2018


LEAP Africa's Social Innovators Programme & Awards 2018


LEAP Africa formally announces the fifth edition of the Social Innovators Programme and Awards (SIPA) Ceremony 2018.

The Social Innovators Programme (SIP) supports talented youth between the ages of 18-35 years; whose ideas and initiatives offer effective solutions to challenges in local communities across Nigeria. The SIP Fellows are young, dynamic and visionary Nigerians contributing to the development of their communities and country in education, agriculture, health, technology, entrepreneurship, etc.

The SIP Awards is therefore hosted to showcase the impact of these young social innovators whose initiatives have improved the livelihood of others. The event also seeks to inspire more young people to take action irrespective of their economic status, cultural background and social positioning.

This year’s edition is focused on the theme - “Equipping African Youth for Social Transformation” is borne out of the need to support youth on the front lines of social change to create effective and sustainable change. There is an urgent need to strengthen this drive within youth and further inspire their dynamism and activism for social change.

This is a three-part event bringing speakers and panelists across these sectors: Education, Entertainment, Development, Public Service and Tech. 

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