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Invitation to attend Excel For Financial Professionals Course

Nairobi Kenya
Start Date:
December 2, 2019
End Date:
December 6, 2019



Indepth Research Services would like to invite you to attend our MS Excel For Financial Professionals Course (5 Days). This intensive course has been developed by an experienced financial manager and IT consultant, to introduce financial people to advanced ways that MS Excel can be used as a support tool for the financial function.
The course focuses on the practical financial applications of MS Excel, and even the most advanced Excel user will be amazed at the extra functionality that they will get out of Excel with the least additional effort.
Each delegate will have the opportunity to set up advanced spread sheets during the course, and experiment with conducting a wide range of financial analysis under controlled conditions

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Nairobi, Kenya
2nd-6th December, 2019-Apply Now
17th-21st January, 2020-Apply Now

Kigali, Rwanda
2nd-6th December,2019 Apply Now
2nd-6th March,2020 Apply Now

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