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Intermediary HSE (Level 2: HSE Officer) Course

Benin City
Start Date:
May 14, 2019
End Date:
May 17, 2019


This qualification is designed to help improve the workplace culture by enabling learners to understand the principles of risk assessment and procedures for hazard elimination. This Level 2 health and safety in the workplace course is designed to provide employees with the requisite knowledge, or refresher training, needed in order provide a safe working environment within your organization. This includes an understanding of legal responsibilities, accident prevention and an overview of some of the key areas of workplace health and safety.


Kivos Institute of Health, Safety and Environment (KIHSE)
Kivos Institute of Health, Safety and Environment (KIHSE) Kivos Institute of Health, Safety and Environment (KIHSE) HSE Training helps to determine how and where accidents can occur and identify a variety of hazards in the workplace, and assess risk. KIHSE courses helps to identify suitable controls for eliminating or significantly reducing slips, trips and falls in the workplace, understanding fall hazards and knowing what their employer’s responsibilities is to protecting workers from workplace hazards. KIHSE training courses are formulated to help identify materials that are potential hazards and their proper handling and storage procedures and it distinguishes potential ignition sources and the proper control procedures of those materials in order to prevent fire. KIHSE has systems used to control workplace hazards and it enlightens persons responsible for maintaining the equipment and systems. KIHSE Fire Safety Control Protocol identifies persons responsible for the control safety programmes and it describes good housekeeping procedures necessary to ensure the control of accumulated flammable and combustible waste material and residues to avoid a fire emergency. KIHSE enlightens employees with regard to worksite hazards to which they may be exposed. Contact us today!
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