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Integrated Water Resource Management Course

Indepth Research Services, Nairobi, Kenya
Start Date:
May 14, 2018
End Date:
May 18, 2018
9:00am to 5:00pm


Event: Integrated Water Resource Management Course

Venue: Indepth Research Services, Nairobi, Kenya.

Event Date: 14th - 18th May 2018.



We have all heard that water is life, and indeed it is. What is often ignored, however, is the fact that water is also a key component of development. It is crucial for industry and agriculture, as well as for the health and quality of life of a nation’s citizens. Investment in efficient and sustainable infrastructure, for both urban and agricultural supply, has proven to yield great economic return.
Unfortunately, water has been taken for granted for too long in too many countries. Climate change, rising population growth and increased urbanization are predicted to change that reality severely.This training programme is intended to share the methods of the integrated water resources management practices and to encourage the best use of these precious resources in other regions of the world.

This course is intended for various actors in the Agriculture Extension (Agricultural extension officers, senior agricultural officials and policy makers) working with communities, in governments, funding agencies, Research organizations and non-government organizations among others for Agriculture support activities and other Development programmes.

5 Days

By the end of the course you will be able to:
• Improve water resources management through the implementation of applicable and effective integrated management tools and techniques.
• Strengthen the principles of governance, planning, adaptive management and capacity building in local, regional and transboundary water resources regimes.
• Develop skills and knowledge required for urgent needs in the water resources sector.
• Understand the concept of Integrated water wesources management in relation to climate change.
• Have a greater understanding of the essence of integrated water resources management.
• Gain understanding on preparations for water scarcity or floods and enhance preparedness for such occurrences.

• Basic concepts in integrated water resources management
• Water and national economic development
• Water supply and distribution
• Cost Effective technologies for minimizing water Loss
• Effective regulation of water
• Protection of precious water resources
• Climate change and its impact on water
• Water policy
• Sustainable sourcing and water replenishment
• Pollution control and prevention of waterborne diseases
• Ensuring water quality
• Wastewater treatment and recycling
• Safe water reuse for productive agriculture
• Stormwater management
• Desertification abatement
• Encouraging water conservation with policy
• Water supply economics
• Searching for new Sources of water
• Predictions of water scarcity and preparedness

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