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Installation, use and Maintenance of DHIS2 Course

Start Date:
May 21, 2018
End Date:
May 25, 2018
9:00am to 5:00pm


Event: Installation, use and Maintenance of DHIS2 Course

Venue: Indepth Research Services, Nairobi, Kenya

Event Date: 21st – 25th May 2018.



The District Health Information Software (DHIS) is used in more than 40 countries around the world. DHIS 2 is a tool for collection, validation, analysis, and presentation of aggregate and patient-based statistical data, tailored (but not limited) to integrated health information management activities. It is a tool with an open meta-data model and a flexible user interface that allows the user to design the contents of a specific information system without the need for programming. DHIS2 and upwards is a modular web-based software package built with free and open source Java frameworks.
Health data and information is considered to be under-documented due to improper basic health and demographic record-keeping. IRES have organized this training that aims at building the capacity of researchers, health record managers and practitioners to monitor, manage and maintain demographic data and health information in a much more efficient and accurate way than using papers. This training course on Installation, Use and Maintenance of DHIS 2, will equip the participants with necessary skills and knowledge on how to report, analyze and disseminate data for all health programs.

• Health administrators, Health Information System Officers, researchers, field workers,

• 5 Days

• DHIS 2 set up
• Understand what DHIS 2 is and what purpose it serves with respect to health information systems (HIS)
• DHIS 2 key features supporting data collection, validation, visualization, presentation and information use
• What are the major technological considerations when it comes to deploying DHIS 2
• Data collection and data entry;
• Data analysis and data visualization;
• Data quality with DHIS 2;
• Data elements, data sets and indicators;
• Event capture, event visualizer, event report and tracker capture
• DHIS 2 configuration to monitor health related indicators and progress towards targets such as international development goals
• What are some of the benefits and challenges with using DHIS for HIS

• Introduction To Dhis 2 And Information Use
• Basic Use And Function Of Dhis2 Software
• Data Quality And Validation
• Implementation Strategy
• Data analysis processing
• Data maintenance and managing changes to the database
• Meta-data set up
• Import and export of data

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