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Ine or Ekensu Festival

Start Date:
December 22, 2018
End Date:
December 22, 2018


This is a famous festival of the Capital City, Asaba. It is marked by a five day celebration of military-like parades and war dances in each of the five villages of Asaba who take turns on a daily basis to dance round the town before paying homage to the Asagba, Odogwu and Iyase.

The festival is reminiscent of the old battles in which Asaba people distinguished themselves.The festival, aside from serving as an opportunity for the warriors and able-bodied to display their military prowess and paraphernalia, is also a celebration to mark the end of the traditional year and the beginning of the new farming year.

Burials and mourning are prohibited during the festival, which symbolises a period of celebration and happiness. 

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