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How to design a Sustainable Business Model using the Business Model Canvas

NG Hub8 Montgomery Rd, Sabo, Yaba Department 100001, Lagos, Nigeria
Start Date:
January 19, 2019
End Date:
January 19, 2019


How to design a Sustainable Business Model using the Business Model Canvas



Female Entrepreneurs need to first understand their business model, before they can track their performance, profitability and even scale.

The Business Model Canvas is a visual chart with elements describing a business model. It helps us ideate, describe, and understand almost all the important aspects of a business venture. It summarizes the entire business plan. By the end of the workshop, participants would have learnt the rubrics of building winning Business Models using the business model canvas technique.

This workshops spurs us to think innovatively about our ideas so we build sustainable ventures that can attract investments.

Learning Objectives 

Participants will be introduced to the concept of the Business Model Canvas and how it can help them strengthen their businesses.
Participants will have a clear understanding of their potential customers and the customer’s pain point so they have a specific target markets.
Participants will be given the opportunity to communicate the customer’s pain points and the value their business provides.

Program Format:

Interactive Lecture - Introduction to the Business Model Canvas 
Interactive Lecture - Deep Drive into Customer Segments.
Interactive Lecture - Giving Feedback.
Group Work - Customer Scenarios.

Audience Segment:

Female Enterprise Founders, Techies, Entrepreneurs and Business Developers.


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