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GIS and Remote Sensing, Analysis, Mapping and Visualization with Quantum GIS Course

Start Date:
May 28, 2018
End Date:
June 1, 2018
9:00am to 5:00pm


Event: GIS and Remote Sensing, Analysis, Mapping and Visualization with Quantum GIS

Venue: Indepth Research Services, Nairobi, Kenya.

Event Date: 28th May– 1stJune 2018

With information society, creation, distribution, integration and manipulation of information has become a significant economic, political, and cultural activity. It’s a known fact that information is processed from facts and figures; we also agree that if data is not well managed it can be overwhelming. Giving a spatial dimension to data and performing spatial analysis in a GIS environment speeds interpretation visualization which eventually speeds up implementation of programs.

To make timely decisions requires not only innovative ways to access accurate and real time information, but also tools to help present the information in ways that are useful .Integrating GIS and Remote Sensing as a decision making tool has seen many organizations gain competitive advantage and remain relevant globally.
Everything that happens in this world has a spatial dimension and this has made GIS applicable across all fields e.g. in health, agriculture, forestry, mining, crime, business, transport and communications, utility management, climate change, planning etc. A geographic information system (GIS) will allow you to bring all types of data inform of layers, overlay them to perform analysis and eventually publish a map from that.
This training workshop is aimed at helping our client understand how well they can apply GIS and RS in their day to day running of their organization. The course will be offered in a mixture of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercises in Quantum GIS (QGIS).

Government, Environment, Data analysis, Retailing, Fleet management, Marketing,Property development, Emergency response ,Transport, Military defense,Healthcare,Oil and gas, Agriculture, mining, disaster risk management Forestry, M&E ,WASH, Engineers, TelecommunicationsUtilities, geographers, teachers, journalists, students e.t.c

No prior knowledge of GIS is required. Participants will be working on their own laptop with Quantum GIS (QGIS).

• Master the principles and concepts of GIS and RS
• Acquire, manipulate, save the data sources in a GIS
• Understand how GIS database works and how to update
• Lear how to edit data in GIS
• Learn digital image processing techniques
• Become familiar with specific functionality to the GIS: "Spatial Analysis"
• Learn map design ,symbolization and publishing
• Mastering the output and dissemination of results of a GIS project.
• Develop and implement a GIS project
• Present the software and data sources available on the current GIS market
• Discover and use the internet for publishing maps

• Introduction to GPS, GIS and Remote Sensing Principles
• Data Acquisition: Using Mobile based GPS (ODK)
• Data Acquisition: Extraction of feature from other sources
• Database Design and development
• Editing and management of GIS
• Integrating Imagery and Remote Sensing into GIS
• Geo-Spatial Analysis
• Introduction to cartographic visualization and the mapping process
• Online Publishing of maps and GIS outputs

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