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FCT ICT Workshop: Upgrading Teaching And Learning Skills

Government Girls Secondary School, Dukpa. Dukpa, Gwagwalada P.M.B 09 Abuja, FCT
Start Date:
February 4, 2019
End Date:
February 4, 2019


ICT has incredibly brought fastest, easiest, and most beneficial ways of accessing, preserving, and disseminating knowledge and information. This workshop is mainly to acquaint the teachers with the free ICT skills and give them some superbly glamorous websites design specifically for the teachers. The conference aims to augment, advance, and improve the teachers pedagogical skills. This is because ameliorating quality education in Africa is the first major focus of our organization. We realize the value of a quality education. So, the quality education can’t be achieved without having quality, experienced, expert, and skillful teachers. Hence, ICT can admirably make all the teachers in any subject more professional and skillful. In fact, ICT can improve the pedagogical activities tremendously. So, students could acquire quality education. Concurrently, it is well known that a quality education grants us the capability, talent, and ability to fight the hostilities on ignorance and poverty.

The workshop is especially for those who are?

  1. Confidently eager to upgrade their skills
  2. Seriously ready to integrate ICT in teaching and learning
  3. Extremely willing to develop themselve


  1. Free ICT training
  2. Chance to join professionally expert lecturers
  3. Connecting you with the World-class University in your school
  4. Free session on enhancing the excellence of the teacher’s performance
  5. Free Enrolment in to the Cisco Networking Academy
  6. Free dictionaries for all the participants
  7. Free gorgeously pulchritudinous websites that are special for the teaching and learning
  8. Free Cambridge advance dictionary
  9. Free session on how you can further your education to Master Degree MA MSc, or PhD freely in the United Kingdom


Ibrosoft International Development Foundation