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End of year offers on Analyzing and Visualizing Data With Excel Course

Indepth Research Services
Start Date:
January 20, 2020
End Date:
January 24, 2020
8:00am to 5:00pm


Dear All,
Indepth Research Services would like to invite you to take part in our upcoming training on Analyzing and Visualizing Data With Excel Course. Excel is one of the most widely used solutions for analyzing and visualizing data. It now includes tools that enable the analysis of more data, with improved visualizations and more sophisticated business logics.
Learn how to import data from different sources, create mashups between data sources, and prepare data for analysis. After preparing the data, find out how business calculations can be expressed using the DAX calculation engine. See how the data can be visualized and shared to the Power BI cloud service, after which it can be used in dashboards, queried using plain English sentences, and even consumed on mobile devices.
Participants actively learn through a series of practical simulations which ensures that they maximize their learning and can use the tools immediately when they return to the office. In addition to the practical component, all participants also receive a manual describing all the techniques learned.
This training course is ideal for Advanced Microsoft Excel professionals who need to learn how to analyze and visualize data in excel. Participants will need to have attended or be familiar with the basics of Microsoft Excel.
5 Days
• Gather and transform data from multiple sources
• Discover and combine data in mashups
• Learn about data model creation
• Explore, analyze, and visualize data

End of year Offers!!!
1. For every group that has 5 participants and above you get a 10% discount
2. Free end of year tour within your training location which is applicable to both individual and group participants. Click to see the exciting location and activities
3. Shopping Vouchers
4. Free airport shuttle for a group of 5 people and above
5. Discount on selected hotels

For any inquiries, feel free to engage us at [email protected] or contact us on (+254) 715 077 817 or +250 789 621 067
Best Regards
Indepth Research Services

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