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COP Mentoring Master Class II program Abuja

Circle of Champions Training HallSuit 201 ALBA Plaza, Obafemi Awolowo Way Jabi, Abuja, AbujaKarte anzeigenKarte verbergen
Start Date:
December 1, 2018
End Date:
December 1, 2018


OP Mentoring Master Class II program Abuja


COP Mentoring Master Class Abuja Program.

Circle of champions club Abuja would like to invite you to be part of the COP Mentoring Master class Program which seeks to provide professional and personal development, support and encouragement through an active mentoring relationship for the remaining days of the year 2018.

This program will also help business owners, professionals and employees by providing coaching and guidance in their careers from our Super Mentor. Kris Agbale.

We plan to match appropriate mentees with similar career interests and professional aspirations.

Benefits of the Masterclass program

? Skills Development: You will learn specific skills in order to develop yourself and add value to your organization and make progress on your career path in the remaining days of 2018.

? Goal Setting/Career Planning: You will learn goal setting and career planning as well as think about your long-term career path.

? Problem Solving: You will develop cognitive skills in order to strengthen your mental process of discovering, analyzing and solving problems to overcome obstacles.

? Networth : You will expand your professional connections and net worth. And this will make you successful because you will not be alone. Globally, we are a strong community.

? Investment Option: startups and existing business owners will be introduced to the different upcoming financial opportunities around the world to tap into and make huge financial gains.

? 1 year mentoring program.

This is your chance to be a part of the most significant and sought after Super Mentor, teacher, trainer, and speaker.

? To attend simply send your full name and phone number to +2348036523367 saying “ I am interested”


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