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Conflict Management, Resolution & Transformation Training

Abuja, Nigeria
Start Date:
February 9, 2019
End Date:
February 9, 2019


onflict Management, Resolution & Transformation Training



Research has shown that conflict resolution is based on knowledge, skills and attitude that can be learned. As such, everyone can be a conflict resolution expert. It has become apparent that there is an indisputable link between workplace harmony and business efficiency. There are mutually dependent and the linkage between the two needs to be understood in terms of the major trends shaping these linkages and how these trends are affecting business and development. Hence there is a compelling need for EVERYONE to acquire good conflict resolution skills for building and sustaining relationships for enhanced teamwork and increased productivity.

Managers and leaders often find themselves in key roles to influence how teams get along. Unfortunately, not all managers are conversant with the interpersonal skills required to anticipate, prevent and resolve workplace conflicts. As an organization, conflict in all its forms can bring about lowered morale leading to reduced productivity and lowered profit.

This training is designed to help managers/key personnel develop the conflict resolution skills needed to understand different workplace behavioural styles so that teams can collaborate easily on solutions not problems. Participants in this training will learn new ways to handle conflict and walk away with a tool-kit of conflict Management strategies to use in the workplace or at home. It will also help employees and employers spend less time on issues and more energy on meeting organizational goals. This is an essential component of every successful organization’s human resource development and organizational development strategic effort. Thousands of people have learned this practical tool for the prevention and early resolution of conflict in any dispute situation.

Following the training, the participants would:
• Learn how to use principled conflict management and resolution.
• Learn how to assess workplace conflicts and mediate disputes.
• Develop practical skills and techniques to resolve disputes effectively and with confidence.
• Get tools to manage conflicts constructively in the workplace and at home.

As a result of the employee/participants’ achievement of the above learning objectives
• The financial cost of conflict will decline by 50%.
• The frequency of conflicts in the organization will decline by 50%.
• Conflicts that do occur will be satisfactorily resolved 80% of the time without any involvement by a superior.
• Employee satisfaction with the workplace will increase by 30%.


Module One:
• Conflict: An Overview
• Definitions of conflict
• Types of conflicts peculiar to a changing world
• Causes of conflicts in Nigeria
• Natural conflict cycle or stages of mutation
• Significance and types of peace
Module Two:
• Conflict management
• Conflict management: it meanings and imperatives
• Major workable strategies of conflict management
• Application of conflict management strategies
Module Three: 
• conflict resolution
• Conflict resolution: An explanation
• Aims and significance of conflict resolution
• Techniques of conflict resolution
Module Four:
• Conflict transformation
• References and recommended texts.

Negotiators (those who negotiate or need to resolve issues), Managers, Directors & Executives, HR professionals, company secretaries, Government employees, Business people, Labour Union and management representatives, Consultants, team leaders, educators, health care professionals, lawyers, accountants, potential professional mediators, law enforcement officers, traditional/religious/political leaders, opinion leaders, pastors, diplomats, legal advisers, company secretaries, entrepreneurs & proprietors , imams, secretaries, peace professionals, paramilitary, arbitrators, Military personnel, NGO &CSO officials, opinion leaders, civil society leaders and all CCPPA members.


At the end of the seminar, participants would be able to:
• Find solutions to difficult problems by taking control of conflicts rather than being controlled by them.
• Resolve disputes while preserving relationships.
• Deal with difficult and emotional people.
• Negotiate thorny issues and reduce job stress and tension that may affect health.
• Have a process to mediate disputes
• Save cost being lost by impaired production and missed opportunities

Every seminar participants receives:
•Seminar material
• Seminar folder

Our facilitators are certified by:
• Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators of Nigeria
• United States Institute of Peace
• Peace Operation straining Institute

The cost per person is as follows: N20, 000 (CCPPA Members) & N25,000 (Non CCPPA Members)
(Covers: Tuition, Training materials, seminar folder, Lunch, Group photograph and Certificates). Reservation to this seminar is on a first-confirmed-first-served basis. Please call any of our hotlines 08092227911, 07037736911 for a confirmed reservation. Early bird registration on or before 1st February, 2018 attracts discount of N5, 000. Payment deadline is 7th February, 2019.

DATE: 9th February, 2019.

Payment should be in cash payable directly to: Centre for Crisis Prevention & Peace Advocacy bank account: ECOBANK A/C No: 0313003522.
Rebate is available for organizations sending six or more candidates (Payment deadline is 7th February, 2019).
VENUE: IBI training Centre, Discovery Mall, Plot 215, Ademola Adetokunboh Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja. 
Time: 10: 00 am 
For more information and to register, please call 08092227911, 07083886662 or send email to: [email protected] 


Centre for Crisis Prevention and Peace Advocacy (CCPPA)
Organizer's Phone Number: 
08092227911, 07083886662