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Christmas Carole/Concert

Greenville Estate Badore, Ajah/Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
Start Date:
December 16, 2016
End Date:
December 16, 2016


Do you know Music is "food for the soul"?
Music activity is too important for the development of the
children to be overlooked. According to D.J. Elliot, music activity is an integral
part of young children’s intellectual, cultural, emotional, and spiritual development and should not be treated in isolation.
The study of music can open
opportunities for children to undergo particular experiences that can only be beneficial to them. These experiences will broaden children’s thinking and facilitate a deeper understanding of the world in which they live.
In fact, music is significant in all of our lives, not only during certain times and occasions, but also
as an everyday experience that enriches our thinking. This leads to the issue of education itself and what it can contribute to the lives of children.
So I invite you to be part of our coming Christmas Carole/Concert.
A cordial welcome awaits you.