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25th Annual LAPO Development Forum

Federal Palace 6-8 Ahmadu Bello Way Lagos, Lagos 101241
Start Date:
August 21, 2018
End Date:
August 22, 2018



The Annual LAPO Development Forum was initiated in 1994 and has become a faculty of development in its own right. The annual conferencing has stimulated discourse on the development agenda in Nigeria and Africa with very realistic solutions canvassed by guest lecturers and conferees.

The Forum provides a veritable platform for stakeholders to discuss and proffer pragmatic solutions to identified issues in poverty and development. Participants usually include partners in development, government agencies and institutions, policy makers, the academia, religious, traditional and professional bodies, the media, civil society organizations, with inputs from key sectors of the economy.

The theme of the first edition of the Annual LAPO Development Forum held in 1994 was “The Nigerian Economy and the Poor: 1984-1994”. Discussions and conclusions at this session reinforced our belief that sustainable approach to poverty alleviation must go beyond charity and directed at strengthening income capacity of the poor. Subsequent editions of the Forum addressed pertinent issues.

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