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Lagos Lagos, LA
Start Date:
June 29, 2019
End Date:
June 29, 2019


Background of the Forum

Fueled by the promise of opportunities and the power of innovation, our vision is to build the world’s most vibrant, diverse and dynamic economy driven by our youth. Our nation’s future prosperity and competitiveness now depend on meeting pressing economic challenges we face today as a nation. Driven by the glaring potentials of our youth and tenacity to create way forward, the 100 Young CEOs Forum was founded to train and mentor the nation’s most vibrant, creative and hardworking youth in a bid to give them necessary rudiments needed to change today narratives in our economy and build the future prosperity of our nation. You will agree with us that there is a need to change many narratives in Nigeria systems today.

There is a need to create an enabling environment for sustainable growth and development to take place in Nigeria. And to achieve this, the core focus of this forum is to give Nigerian youth the nick to take initiatives of driving development in their local environment.

The essence of the platform is to inspire an entrepreneurial spirit and the sense of taking responsibility among the youth.

This is what the forum is all about.

The Forum

Collaboration is the currency of the 21st century. We believe that there is no single one of us that is as powerful as all of us. It is high time we create a platform like the men did at Babel to build a new tower for reshaping Nigeria narratives. The socio-economic crises we have experienced in the country is solvable if we can create that atmosphere that supports each of us to succeed. Nigeria is never in short supply of vibrant, intelligent, hard-working young people, the problem has always been a good support system that creates conducive platforms for these brilliants ones to express their full potentials without limitations.

Many of our small scale businesses never survive past the first three years of their existence because there are lots of toxic elements that made the market place unconducive for small scale business to survive. Our plan is to bring 100 Young CEO together in a bid to help each to succeed. We will be the bridge for all these startups by using professional networks to guide them in every decision-making process.

The first edition of this forum focused on "Projecting Nigeria Brand". This Second Edition will focus mainly on how to create "Winning Brands" as a Start-up. We have aligned the forum with established Entrepreneurs and Brand Managers of the leading firms in the country to come and share their professional insight with participants on June 29, 2019.

Register now to book your space. The venue will be communicated to registered participants.

Sponsorship & Partnership Opportunities:

  1. Sponsors get to feature their current promotion on the Event Magazine that will be distributed to 500+ Entrepreneurs (Full Colour Page (A4 size)
  2. Sponsors get a slot of 15 minutes to address the 500+ Entrepreneurs to sell their products
  3. Sponsors logo will feature on all printed materials including promotion & advert materials
  4. Sponsors can use this forum as part of their CSR for the year.
  5. This is a quarterly event, sponsor get the opportunity to feature their brand manager to write on current news for public attention
  6. And much more

For sponsorship, Exhibition Stand and Partnership inquiry, please send enquiry to 1[email protected] or call 08094793194


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